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Personalized Job Page- All of your openings all in one place for maximum visibility.

Real Time Project Management Access- Each position is assigned a project within our Base Camp Software. This allows our clients to get real time email updates of job status, interviews, postings, and recruiter discussions.

Real Recruiting Practices- Our team of global recruiters will aggressively source to fill your position. This includes actively hunting candidates via Resume Boards, Linkedin, Referrals, Competitor Analysis and Sourcing, Data Aggregators, Social Media, Boolean String Searches, and Telephone Prospecting

Recruitment process outsourcing – with its focus on methodology and measurable results to deliver strategic solutions at every step of the hiring process – is transforming corporate recruitment practices. S.G.W. Recruiting's RPO service will provide you with the structure and results of having an internal team at a fraction of the costs. Our solutions will deliver the best human capital available at rapid fire speeds that save you time and increase productivity.

The best businesses succeed, not because of product, or practices, but because of the talent they hire and build upon. Attracting the best talent is a constant effort that can be costly. For the last 50 years, companies have either had to employ their own internal team, or turn to 3rd Party Contingency firms that charge anywhere from 20-50k PER HIRE! S.G.W. recognizes that in this economy a business must stretch their HR budgets further and further each year all the while increasing results and production. Our RPO service provides the perfect solution that allows you, the client to attain the top talent while actually freeing up crucial time and resources for your team to focus on more critical strategic solutions.

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